42 Thoughts on the Occaision of My 42nd Birthday

In the last seven months I have been fired twice, hired twice, maintained my weight and made it to June 22, 2013 marking the completion of my 42nd year. Along the way, I have gathered some thoughts and here they are:

1. Search for your passion in life. The thing you spring out of bed to do everyday for free. The thing you think about as you sit on the toilet or when you are stuck in traffic. Pursue that passion because it is the fuel of greatness.

2. Read everyday. Books, blogs, magazines, the Holy Bible. Exercise the mind and expand it’s capacity.

3. Work out. Run, lift, hoop, kick a ball, throw a ball. Do something that gets the heart rate up and burns calories. It is cathartic and relieves the stress of life.

4. Connect with people. Make friends and build bonds. Most of the jobs and opportunities you will have in life will come through a relationship you have build along the way.

5. Believe in yourself. All the faith of others means nothing if you don’t have it in yourself. Conversely, all the doubt of others can’t topple the belief you carry within yourself.

6. People are best motivated by their own self-interest and all motivational ploys should be keenly aware of this truth.

7. Enforcement of speed limits is an absurd, arbitrary cancer on society.

8. Children are your greatest source of pride, and the biggest challenge of your life.

9. Tupac is dead, but incredibly prolific during his lifetime.

10. Smoking is foul, pointless and financially wasteful habit.

11. Pick up basketball is an underrated window into the soul of a man revealing his level of functionality versus selfishness.

12. Be wary of the man or woman who dramatically shifts their purpose life.

13. The Big Ten conference is an evil, ponderous, and criminally-overrated sloth.

14. Enjoy dynasties in sport as they are the embodiment of what all teams strive to be.

15. Be honest in your self assessment, and attack your weaknesses. Growth and improvement comes at the edges of your current abilities.

16. The Sopranos ending was genius.

17. Bill Simmons changed sports writing.

18. Robin Thicke blows, but I enjoy the singing of Sam Cooke, Usher, Beres Hammond, Bob Marley, Javier Colon, Young Elvis, Bruno Mars, Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, Garth Brooks, Boys to Men and Stevie Wonder.

19. Value money in life, but don’t be it’s slave.

20. Take time to do those things in life that bring you joy.

21. Spend as little time in hospitals and graveyards as possible.

22. The events of 9/11 cast a pall over my life that lasted for several years.

23. Attending a body building event was not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be.

24. Life is incomplete if you do not attend a college football rivalry game in the Deep South, a Nascar restrictor plate race, Mons Venus and a concert of your favorite artist.

25. Coaching and playing sports are my passion, and I regret not coming to this realization sooner in life and taking action on it.

26. Having a toenail removed was the most painful experience in my life, followed closely by Bryson punching me in the b…. during the not so glorious summer of 2007.

27. I enjoyed riding motorcycles, but was too fearful to ride seriously. When you are fearful of something it is important to identify the source of the fear and attack it. You limit yourself unnecessarily, if your actions are controlled by fear more than hope.

28. Chocolate milk is the greatest drink in the history of mankind.

29. I believe in the death penalty and gun control, and accept that mistakes will occur.

30. Ball movement and team defense are beautiful things.

31. Juan Bernal is the most loyal guy I know.

32. Laugh hard every day.

33. I am glad I saw the following athletes play: Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Lebron James, Walter Payton, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lot, Terrell Davis, Brett Favre, Charlie Ward, RG III, Reggie Jackson, Derek Jeter, Dwight Gooden, Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Leonard, Kenny Roberts, Ayrton Senna, Dale Earnhardt, Jeff Gordon, Travis Pastrana, James Stewart, Maradona, Zidane, Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, Deion Sanders, Ray Lewis, Kobe Bryant, Bobby Hurley, Jason Kidd, Scottie Pippen, LT, Xavi, Iniesta, Roberto Baggio, Thierry Henry, Usain Bolt, Lance Armstrong, David Cone, and Mariano Rivera.

34. Racism is a disgrace.

35. People have an innate need to belong to something. It gives them a sense of identity and purpose.

36. I didn’t lose any weight during the year I drank water instead of coke, and I am bitter.

37. Language including foul language is a canvas of self-expression.

38. All words are better if spoken by an accomplished actor.

39. I am definitely in the second half of life.

40. Despite my railings against organized religion, I pray daily and hold close the quote, “Pray as though everything depends on God. Work as though everything depends on man.”

41. It is probably a better practice to let those around you know how much they mean to you than I have throughout my life.

42. Farting is always funny.

6 thoughts on “42 Thoughts on the Occaision of My 42nd Birthday

  1. Nice piece…classic Pink; funny, smart, provocative turd. So…now I’ve read something today…and Tupac lives!!!

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