The Fall of Pedro’s Posse

Failure is seldom a singular act or event, but rather the accumulation of surmountable acts and events that accumulate and conquer even the proudest of efforts. 

We lost Chandler Parsons to a prior commitment,  and Courtney Lee to a gash over the eye.  Our only available pro, Nick Calathes, was visibly under the weather as he led our five man team of Kyle Methany, Brock Blanchard, Alex Castillo and Nick Wolf to tip off against a team that featured two NBA guys Marquis Daniels and Dominique Jones.  Adam Allen would arrive at halftime to give us six.

Team Loyalty astutely picked up Calathes full court, but for most of the game our ball movement and shooting produced easy baskets while our sagging man to man kept the game largely in the half court to our advantage.   The game was tied at half, and again after three, but the accretion of adversity had taken it’s toll.  Up six at 60-54, we had two bad possessions, a charge when we had a drive and kick three and an errant transition pass that could have helped to maintain a working margin.  Our last lead was 69-68 midway through the fourth after an Adam Allen three, and in the final minute Nick Wolf had a tying three rattle out before we fell 85-78.

The team we put on the floor today played as hard as they could, but were not deep enough to overcome Team Loyalty.   Two possessions in the third, an in and out three in the final minute, Courtney, Chandler could have made the difference, but we had to accept who we were today and that was second best.  It was a horrible and unjust way to end the season.

Thank you to everyone who served the Posse this season:  Juan Bernal, Austin David, KTA, Courtney Lee, Brock Blanchard, Kyle Matheny, Alex Castillo, Nick Calathes, Chandler Parsons, Kyle McClanahan, Adam Allen, Nick Wolf, Pat Calathes, Kyle O’Quinn, Jason Williams, Pausha, Austin Rivers, Kenny Kallina, and anyone I may have left out.  Great Ride Gentlemen!

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