Players That Get You Beat

The Unproductive Energy Guy

This player is generally athletic, plays extremely hard and puts himself in position to make a lot of plays, but his efficiency rate in completing plays is very low.  His physical gifts and work rate are fool’s gold as over time this player will eat up a disproportionate amount of your possessions without a sufficient return.  Benching or cutting such a player runs the risk of appearing that you are anti-hustle when in fact you are pro-winning.

The Practice Player

This player is skilled, intelligent and generally punctual making him useful in practice, but lacks physicality and/or competitiveness rendering his talents as they exist irrelavent in game situations.

The Emotional Burden Guy

This player offers talent, but is so rife with personal issues that he burdens the team and requires a tremendous amount of coddling to remain in anything resembling a productive mindset.  This player will always let you down in the end, and will have a high number of suspicious “injuries” that conveniently coincide with adversity.

The Specialist

This player posseses a single world class talent, perhaps at a level above anyone else on your team, but defines himself by that singular talent at the expense of bringing other aspects of his game to threshold levels of acceptibility.

The Grand Delusion

A player not without value, but so far detached in his own perception of that value as to be functionally useless.

The Selfish Playmaker

A player who defines himself by statistical accomplishments more than wins and losses.  He is the sort of person that such thoughts as “I haven’t shot in a while” and “degree of difficulty” become dangerous, and is likely to view everytime he touches the ball as a “chance to make a play”, even when there is no play to be made.  He passes the ball only when he has exhausted all other options or senses the degree of difficulty in the pass is sufficiently spectacular to warrant his effort.

The Empty Engine

This player may look the part, but has no capacity to run enough to put himself in position to play effectively creating a void in the team.

3 thoughts on “Players That Get You Beat

  1. Don’t forget this one: The Low Basketball IQ guy.

    He will look good in pickup basketball and at times, even in practice. But during actual game action this player will constantly forget sets, and play out of control on both sides of the ball. Although he has talent he has no concept of how to play within a system in an organized setting.

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