Takeaways From the FABC Coaches Clinic

The first basketball clinic I ever attended was Coach K’s clinic at Cameron Indoor in 2004. There were several hundred coaches in attendance, and each were given a practice plan that Coach K went through in great detail. It struck me that a significant number of the attendees would open their practice with this same plan, and expect similar results. The thought itself reduced me to inappropriate laughter as it seemed the point of the clinic, any clinic for that matter is not to replicate each speaker, but to extract ideas that expand or challenge your own beliefs on the game, and integrate them into your coaching philosophy. In that tradition, I offer the nuggets of today’s FABC Coaches Clinic at Seminole High School in Sanford, Florida.

– Don’t have anyone on your team that is afraid to compete. The speaker told the story of a player who quit the team just before the season began because he felt he wasn’t good enough to contribute. The team won a Juco National Title without him.

-The 2-3 Zone
1) Keep the ball out of the middle.
2) Active wing players arrive on any wing catch below free throw line, and pass player back to guard on recovery.
3) Hands up, feet moving.
4) Sprint, don’t slide.
5) Constant pressure on the ball is disruptive.
6) Post does not vacate the middle until the ball gets there, and then the wings tuck to protect basket.
7) If wings are moved out of position guards must find shooters.
8) Stay Home! Preserve the integrity and structure of the zone. Let it do it’s job.
9) Do not fear three point shots
10) Rebound as a five man unit. No leak outs.
11) Don’t allow yourself to be screened in the zone. Mobility.

-Attacking the Zone
1) Get the ball in the middle.
2) Attack gaps with cuts, positioning and penetration.
3) Use screens to disrupt the rotations of the defense.
4) Create numerical advantage in certain parts of the floor.

-Character is a talent as valuable as physical talent.

-Offense is built on pressuring the rim, but there are multiple ways to pressure the rim: Post ups, cutting and penetration.

-Pressuring the rim leads to fouls which impact the game.

-Combat physical stature with movement to create opportunities to score.

-Offensive movement is both the ball and the players. Player movement unsettles established help positions and rotations.

-Preface ball screens by actions that make defenders move and they will not be as sharp in defending your ball screen game.

-Diamond Shell Drill creates more game situations.

-Aggressive overload help allows you to help penetration without abandoning post players which eliminates dump downs and put backs.

-You are a teacher first. Teach the game, then hold players accountable for what they have been taught. Don’t just whine about things your players have not been taught to do.

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