The Place of Past Success

Change is a constant, and the refusal to accept change as a constant is an impediment to growth and development. This acceptance is not easy because as people, certainty is comforting.  Once we have achieved success in a particular endeavor,  it imprints a blueprint in our mind that defines our thinking.

I felt strongly about this early in my coaching career.  After a successful stint at Trinity Prep, I followed Matt Hixenbaugh to Winter Park.  We felt we had a winning formula.  We talked of dominating the Metro including defending State Champion Edgewater.  We went a modest 17-11 losing to Edgewater….and every other team from the west side of town.

Our formula of loosely structured offense, full court passive pressure retreating to half court zone didn’t transfer.  We had different players and played different opponents.  We needed a new formula.  In time, it developed.  Half court man to man was our best defense and a structured offense with multiple options carried us to a 28-5 season.

A few seasons later a completely different formula developed at Oviedo.  I had long been reluctant to sub players, but happened upon a deep team with ten kids deserving of regular minutes.  I went with two teams that would rotate every four minutes.  The team thrived from an internal competition between the two “teams”.

The place for the past success is not a rigid construction in the mind, but rather a library of resources to implement as needed, and a confidence that you can find the right resource at the right time.

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