Finding My Team

We are 8-5.  Eight of the games have been decided on the final possession, and we are 5-3 in those games.  We are above mediocrity,  but miles from greatness.  I have said the right things, but have too often missed the tone.  I am struggling to find my team.

Teams are collections of people and thus imperfect.  A puzzle assembled around strengths while concealing weakness.  Strength against one opponent is weakness against another so the balance is fluid.  We have won our last two games, and I hope found a balance.

Mainly, we play as disjointed individuals and not a connected unit.  There has been a fundamental selfishness, likely rooted in a lack of experience and trust on both ends of the floor.  This must be accepted and owned to be overcome.  Though I have likely over emphasized this shortcoming at the expense of building a passion to play and compete.

We do not play for two weeks, but I am reflecting and we will be practicing during that time.  We will build on recent success and strive to find our identity.

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