My Rant on Richard Sherman

At the end of the NFC Championship game, Seahawk corner Richard Sherman made an outstanding play contorting his body in coverage to deflect a ball that would ultimately be intercepted by a teammate to send his team to the Super Bowl.  A great play by the best player at his position in a huge moment.

Sherman is a trash talker, and in the aftermath of the play approached 49er wide receiver, Michael Crabtree, slapping him on the butt and running his mouth.  Crabtree pushes Sherman away with a hand to his face mask.

During a series of progressively more coherent post-game interviews, Sherman accused Crabtree of talking negatively about him during the week, and generally seems to have the incident dismissed as a heat of the moment excess.

I get it.  History is written by the victors, and tonight Sherman is a winner.

Get this.  He is a duechebag.  Watch again what Sherman does as Crabtree pushes him away.  He doesn’t push back, or even run his mouth more as a man might do, but rather immediately looks to the official trailing the play in a pathetic attempt to draw a foul in a game that has already been decided.

This is at best a petty, calculated, but meaningless act of gamesmanship, or at worst a blatant act of cowardice. 

Richard Sherman is an excellent football player, but a fraudulent person.

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