Random Thoughts

I heard Jay Z dropping a verse or two on a Justin Timberlake song today, and it made me sad. It was so hollow and meaningless. Not that Jay Z was ever a socially conscious rapper, but for over a decade his voice and verses spontaneously flowed in compellingly vivid images of life and one-upsmanship. What I heard today, was a half-hearted imitation of his former self, and of late this appears all he has to offer. Hip hop at it’s best is topical, authentic and beautifully desperate.

Richard Sherman is misunderstood. You are a football player and as fans it is not our job to understand you. If you are in fact something other than you appear, act that way. Methinks, however, the “act” is a money grab in a contract year and the positioning of a persona for life after football.

Ronaldo is a deserving winner of World Footballer of the Year, and the emotion he showed in claiming the award was moving. He has given all for club and country for several seasons running with the resolution of an iron man. His full realization as a player is so far removed from the prissy, selfishness of his youth and should be a model for all.

Carmelo Anthony scored 62 points and had zero assists. This is an appropriate accomplishment for Melo as it encompasses perfectly the single dimension of his greatness. Bravo!

Kevin Durant is much better. His greatness extends to team accomplishment. In the context of NBA basketball, greatness should be measured as much by anything as how many games your team wins if you are healthy and regardless of supporting cast.

As such, anyone remember any team Lebron has played for after his rookie year not making the playoffs? I may be old school, but until that happens, or something close to it, I am not ready to pass the World’s Greatest Player title to anyone else.

I temporarily forgot how cool Pete Carroll is. He wonderfully combines coaching acumen and people skills. He offers a constant alternative reflection of how the profession can be done. There is never just one way to succeed.

Mildly appalled that Jeremy Pruitt left FSU after one season for more money at Georgia. He was very good last year and has a bright future. He figured to be a short timer, and destined for a head coaching position, but I am not sure chronically underachieving Georgia helps him in anyway. Never liked Mark Richt either.

Lane Kiffin to Alabama is a very nice move all around. Kiffin is a football junkie and will probably flourish coaching football with a lower profile under Single Voice Saban. He will also provide strong fresh voice in the Alabama family which will have much to do as it develops a new quarterback.

Johnny Football is awesome and I wish him the best as a pro. I think his work ethic has been overlooked in light of his off-field behavior, and my primary concern is that he can remain healthy over the course of an NFL season.

I have not been able to engage myself in college basketball this season. I prefer the NBA game where players do amazing things on a nightly basis. Passion and pride are not enough to overcome bad basketball.

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