The Elite 8

I was a scintillating 7-1 in the round of 16 faltering only with my United States homer pick for which my only regrets are Wondolowski’s miss at the end of regulation and Besler’s double beating on the first goal.  Now on the the Elite 8.

Germany v. France

Germany has been my favorite from the outset, but this game scares the crap out of me.  The German’s four center backs have been susceptible to speedy attacks on the flank, and France has speed on the flank, a cultured scorer in Benzema and a fantastic midfield general in Pogba.  This will be a fantastic game.  Germany 3-2 in extra time.

Brazil v. Columbia

Neymar v. James.  A clash of the two best individual performers in this World Cup.  Brazil, with the exception of Neymar, has continued to underwhelm, and appears burdened by the expectations of the host nation.  Columbia is entertaining and playing with house money, but at this stage of the tournament they will face unprecedented pressure.  If James delivers a Columbian win on this stage, he becomes a legend.  Neymar would remain two wins away from legendary.  Brazil 2-1.

Argentina v. Belgium

I still cannot bring myself to believe in this Argentine side.  Belgium shown itself very deep and talented though somewhat wasteful in beating the United States.  The final four needs a dark horse and it will be Belgium 1-0.

Netherlands v. Costa Rica

The Netherlands are simply better, but Costa Rica is fully invested and fearless.  This will make for an interesting game, but won that will be won by the Dutch Masters 2-0.

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