Dunga and the Not So Beautiful Game

Brazil has brought back Dunga as head coach of the National Team.  This is about as exciting as bringing back rotary dial telephones or possibly horse-drawn carriages.  It is, ultimately,  a confession that the Brazilian coaching ranks are bankrupt of buzz and more importantly innovation.

As a player Dunga was a hard-nosed defensive midfielder that could have easily been an Englishman.  As a coach, he served his country without distinction from 2006-2010, but who else was Brazil to hire, particularly if the the search was exclusively homegrown.

Brazilian football culture has been fantasy-centric, always seeking the next on field Magician to demonstrate the beautiful game.  These prodigy’s emerge more than the develop from an unstable domestic game and are promptly exported. The best Brazilian stars reach Europe and tour the Champion’s League teams, while the players beneath that level meander about at the top of Europe’s secondary leagues all as hired guns. 

The rank and file of players from which most coaches emerge languish domestically sans the necessary structure and resources to develop which has contributed to a stagnation of tactical and team development.  Simply put, Brazil has fallen behind, and must redefine itself in the world of contemporary football.

The hiring of Dunga is a denial of the reality.  The clock will tick while the chasm widens.

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