When Testosterone Meets Stupidity at The Intersection of Faux Toughness

A few weeks ago, Oviedo boy’s soccer stood on the precipice of advancing to regional play, but things went horribly wrong. The Lions led 1-0 with 45 seconds left against a game, but ultimately inferior Lake Howell team. Lake Howell played an errant through ball that was rolling harmlessly through the Lions penalty box and out of bounds.

A Lake Howell attacker made a desperate, but futile run for the ball, and an Oviedo defender stood in his path watching the ball go out of play. For reasons that are the title of this post, the Oviedo defender hip checked the Lake Howell player inside the penalty box. The whistle blew and the referee rightly pointed to the spot. Lake Howell converted and the game was tied with 42 seconds left.

Oviedo played the kick off back to their keeper who collected the ball well outside the mouth of his goal and attempted a clearance. He muffed the kick and it fell right to a Lake Howell player, who put it in the back of the empty net with 19 seconds left.

Lake Howell wins 2-1. Oviedo, defending district champion and state runner up, was eliminated. It was cruel, but not unjust. Their brand of soccer is high on speed, intensity and tough tackles. They lacked a measure of technique, and more importantly, discipline to close out the game.

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