Whip MF Green played for me at Oviedo High School, and just wrapped up his career as a Division 3 Star in the frigid Northeast.  Whip made the Oviedo freshman team as a skinny, athletic lefty with no jump shot whatsoever.  Total adventure from more than 8 feet.

By his sophomore year, he was a streaky, but effective three point shooter for my original FBGM JV squad.

As a junior and senior, Whip had to play in the post and developed a quick release 15 footer from the elbows to complement his intuitive slashing.

In college, Whip moved full time to the perimeter where he was a destroyer of worlds as a complete player.  This was possible because he improved his game and his body every year.  He actively attacked weaknesses in his game and made them strengths.  Ultimately, he did it because he wanted to play and be the best player he could be.  This is what it takes to be something other than ordinary, and I am very proud of him.

Great career and keep living the dream!

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