I love my family…couldn't ask for a better group #spurforlife

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I was scrolling through Instagram this morning when I came upon this picture posted by Danny Green.  I do not know when the picture was taken or to the extent it was posed, but I could not stop looking at it.  It was everything Spurs.

There is Tony Parker sidled up next to the only female in the shot, assistant coach Becky Hammond, raising interesting carnal questions. 

Manu on the periphery with his arm around a staff member framing the photo and speaking to the inclusive yet exclusive nature of the Spurs culture.

Kawhi is in the back literally out of view, but present in his unassuming way.

Boris is smug as always.

George Hill makes a cameo, but doesn’t  look out of place which made me think of a Bill Simmons anecdote about Pop inviting Avery Johnson to a midseason team dinner as though he were still an active member of the team.

In the center, poetically, are Pop and Tim.  Pop extending an arm to touch Tim, and Tim front and center, yet bending over to simultaneously accommodate the group.

They are obviously not in uniform, and Green’s caption mentions family.  It is fitting.  Their longevity, their titles and their losses have made them one.  I hope with all that makes me a sports fan, and all that makes me human we see them compete again.

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