Rules of Physical Engagement

DeAndre Johnson will not play football for Florida State because he flipped a jab into the face of a physically aggressive woman in view of a surveilance camera at a bar. It was a jab. He did not turn his hips, roll his shoulder or otherwise transfer weight into the strike, and he moved away from her immediately after the strike without follow up.

As much as I enjoy Florida State Football, I am ok with the dismissal and some modest penalty from the “justice” system.

Actions have consequences.

And for that reason, I am not ok with this chick getting a pass. The video clearly reveals her to be the initial physical aggressor, and there are allegations that she was a verbal aggressor invoking racist rhetoric as well.

What the hell was she doing? Why was she so quick to get in the face of this man and initiate physical aggression? Was she so complacent in the notion that men should not hit women that she felt entitled to push the physical line as far as she could believing she could do so without consequence?

This woman willingly, perhaps with the aid of alchohol, engaged in a bar fight. This is not a woman being battered and intimitated behind closed doors, or randomly brutalized. She faced the same decision of escalation that Johnson did, and only backed down when she got hit.

We do justice a disservice when we only see good and bad. Human actions are various hues of gray, and much injustice arises from our refusal to accept this fact.

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