Month: October 2015

Another Week, Another Win


Florida State beat Wake Forest on the road 24-16. It was a difficult and uninspiring watch. The Noles never trailed, but struggled mightily to get the Wake Forest offense off the field. Wake outgained Florida State 357-329, but only produced one offensive touchdown in almost 36 minutes of possession. Florida State scored three offensive touchdowns, did not turn the ball over, and was quietly 6/12 converting third downs. Beyond winning there is not much in the way of insightful takeaways from this one.

Golson played his part as pedestrian game manager going 20/31 passing for 202 yards and a touchdown. It is increasingly tempting to conclude that this is what Golson is as a Nole and to expect more is foolish.

Dalvin Cook scored a 94 yard touchdown, but limped off the field with a gimpy hamstring later in the first quarter. This is the second consecutive game Cook has failed to complete due to injury. While Cook has two different injuries, it is difficult to dismiss the issue of his suitability as a workhorse running back, or the concern that an accumulation of injuries could impair his effectiveness for the balance of the season. As of now, his status for Miami is in doubt.

Four games in, and none of the receivers have distinguished themselves as a reliable or vaguely dangerous option.

The offensive line play was adequete.

This was a frustrating night for the defense. They surrendered only one touchdown, and produced a game saving interception, but never got the claws into the Demon Deacons. Terrance Smith and Nate Andrews were also lost to injury.

Miami will be in Tallahassee Saturday night, and they remain an even bigger enigma than this rendition of Florida State.


This game is why I enjoy Alabama and have no respect for Georgia. The tide were beaten at home by Ole Miss, and entered the game a rare underdog. They responded by kicking the crap out of Georgia between the Hedges. Georgia has again found themselves weighed, measured and found wanting on a big stage. How much longer will Mark Richt’s brand of high mediocrity endure?


With every passing week, his freshman season becomes more difficult to comprehend. He is everything he was hyped to be as the top recruit in the land, and his speed/power combination invites comparisons to the early-80’s icons Herschal Walker and Bo Jackson. It is uncomfortable to think he will have to endure this work load at least one more season in the college game. I would be petitioning the league to enter the draft and get paid for running through people as he does.


Huge win for the Gators that propels them into the outskirts of the college football playoff. Misery for Ole Miss, who have made huge strides in building their program, but have yet to build on their big results.