The Uninformed Imbecile

I returned to the noon ball run at First Presbyterian Church a few weeks ago after a six month absence.  Most of the same guys still ran regularly, and there were a few new faces.  One of the new faces ended up on my team in week three and it was not a pleasant experience. 

In terms of pure athleticism and energy, he ranked in the top two or three guys in the gym that day, but we were playing basketball, a team sport and his actual value was closer to a clean towel.

Throughout game one, he would race the ball up the floor, pause at the top of the key with a look of confusion on his face, and then charge headlong into a contested shot in the general vicinity of the foul line.  He seldom passed and when he did it was inaccurate in terms of both time and location.  We got our ass kicked and I was close to leaving the gym.

In game two, circumstances conspired so that the ball ended up in my hands with greater frequency.  I made several passes that resulted in easy baskets and we won.  To my astonishment, my athletic teammate approached quite elated and exclaimed that passing was the key to our success.  Thanks buddy, glad you noticed.

I was skeptical, but carried some notion of a potential breakthrough in team functionality into game three.  Skepticism and stupidity carried the day as my new teammate’s admiration of passing was little more than a passing fancy.  He hero-balled us into the hell of a second loss on three games.

This player’s complete lack of awareness is sad.  He momentarily saw the error of his ways, but could not adapt his faulty mentality. If I had my druthers, he would be escorted from the gym and permanantly banned. 

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